We all fly together to Waypoint Rendsburg 1 (Fockbek). Here we separate according to the selected destination as follows:

  • Landing in Rendsburg according to official approach chart or
  • Continue flight to Aerodrome Wyk/Föhr or
  • Continue flight to Aerodome Nordborg in Denmark

To avoid a traffic jam during approach in Rendsburg and to give you as much time as possible in Wyk/Föhr or Nordborg proceed after Waypoint 1 (Fockbek) with direct heading to the aerodromes of either Wyk/Föhr or Nordborg. This is coordinated with the flight leader to Wyk/Föhr, Jochen Paulsen (D-EMJP) and the two flight leaders to Nordborg Gerd Waldeck (D-EMAD) and Frank Hölperl (D-ENLH).

Landing in Rendsburg according to approach chart

In case there should be too much crosswind on Runways 03/21 use the grass Runway 12/30

We have extended the approach pattern to avoid a traffic jam and pile-ups during approach. Please watch for other traffic intensively and vacate the Runway as soon as possible after landing.


In case of Go Around please do not re-enter the approach sector in Rendsburg and do not line up again for landing. To avoid critical situations it is only possible to land again in Rendsburg when the last plane coming back from Kieler Woche has landed.

In such event stay clear of Rendsburg Aerodrome in a safe distance. In case you have to land we recommend as alternate the Aerodrome of Itzehoe (EDHF), distance 11 NM.