Impressions from Nordborg

  • Der Anflug auf Nordborg, Dänemark
  • Die kleine Flugplatz in Nordborg, Dänemark

Flight to Nordborg/Denmark

The club NordAls Flyveklub is located on the airfield Nordborg . The club members will spoil you with coffee, cake and with the well-known Danish hot dogs. 500m away from the airfield there is a small beach.

After take off in Rendsburg we fly across the Flensburg Fjord directly to Nordborg. A landing in Flensburg is not provided. The return flight from Nordborg goes Kappeln, and then along the beautiful Schlei ( is an inlet of the Baltic Sea in Schleswig-Holstein) back to Rendsburg.

The flight to Nordborg will be arranged by an experienced Denmark-Pilot. He makes ​​a joint flight plan and you fly together to Nordborg. A map of Denmark is not required because the whole flight is on the ICAO map Hamburg.

Streckenkarte Rendsburg-Nordborg

Used with permission of Jeppesen. Do not use for navigation.