Please start again ... we want to join the Pipermeeting in Rendsburg!

Pipermeeting 2015

The Pipermeeting 2015 will take place in Jena, Thuringia (EDBJ).


IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Large-scale military excercise

We were informed by the German Air Force that at Military Airfield Schleswig-Jagel there will be a...


Pipercalendar 2014

The Pipercalendar 2014 is now available for order.


Welcome to the 31st Pipermeeting PA-18/J3C 2014 in Rendsburg

During the summermonths many nice ships travel through the Nord-Ostsee-Kanal. Next to it there is the aerodrome Rendsburg-Schachtholm (EDXR). You can drink coffee and eat cake on the terrace of the aerodrome while having a great view on the ships.

The approach is carried out in accordance Visual operation chart and Aerodrome Chart. MOGAS is unavaliable in Rendsburg, the nearest MOGAS-stations are in Heide-Büsum (EDXB, Husum (EDXJ), Schleswig-Kropp (EDXC), Neumünster (EDHN) and St. Michaelisdonn (EDXM).

EDXR is open as follows:
2014/06/27     0730 (Z) - SS + 30
2014/06/28     0600 (Z) - SS + 30
2014/06/29     0600 (Z) - 1830 (Z)

On the airfield Rendsburg there is no club located. The airfield is the home of 35 aircrafts as well as a very nice and active UL Group.

The previous Pipermeetings were organized by clubs. For the first time (in history) the event is arranged by UL-pilots.

Flight to Kieler Woche

Windjammerparade Kieler Woche
Windjammerparade at Kieler Woche

Highlight is a joint flight with all participants of the Piper meeting on Saturday during the Kieler Woche when the "Windjammer-Parade" is on the Kiel Fjord. It won`t be a formation flight but we want you to enjoy the entire flight. The details will be announced in time.

We hope to welcome many Piper pilots in best weather in Rendsburg and wish you a nice journey.

The organisationteam
The organisationteam