IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Large-scale military excercise


We were informed by the German Air Force that at Military Airfield Schleswig-Jagel there will be a military exercise going on from June 16 to June 27, the "NATO TIGERMEET 2014", involving a lot of aircraft, mainly jet aircrafts.

The main hours of flight activities will be from:
Monday to Thursday 09:00Z – 11:30Z and 13:30Z – 16:00Z
Friday 09:00Z – 11:30Z and 13:30Z – 15:00Z

The area of activity will involve all restriction and danger areas in North-Western Germany, German/Danish/Dutch North Sea, lateral boundaries of ED-R 201 and 202 and further temporary restriction areas activated by NOTAM. The Air Force advised us that also airspace E and G above sea and land at all altitudes can be used by aircraft operating at high speed and low altitudes.

This means a lot of heavy iron flying around and requires not only appropriate airmanship but also a thorough flight planning. Please check for NOTAMS and do not hesitate to contact Flight Information Service during flight.