In the air

We have obtained an official permission from the local authorities to fly in 1000 ft for all aircraft which have signed-in according to the list of participants. This refers to the routing Rendsburg – Waypoint Kiel 1 – Waypoint Kiel 2 – Waypoint Rendsburg 1 (Attachment 4).

Keep your radios on Rendsburg Info 123,65 during the entire flight, DO NOT TRANSMIT AND KEEP RADIO SILENCE but keep listening watch. All relevant stations like Bremen Information, the TV-Helicopter in Kiel, Kiel aerodrome, the military Towers both in Hohn and Schleswig-Jagel (in case their CTR’s are active) are informed about our flight to Kieler Woche and would, if necessary, call us on frequency 123,65 with the group call sign "Pipertreffen".

Safety tips

  • Don't fly 360s, do not overtake, don't pass anyone underneath or above
  • Don't fly formation
  • Keep your distance to the plane in front of you at your own discretion as you feel comfortable
  • Fly in a way that you can see and follow the plane in front of you stress-free

CTRs Hohn and Schleswig-Jagel

We have permission to enter these CTRs, no need to call them for individual clearances. This is what we have agreed with both local military ATCs.

This clearance is for all participants as follows:

  • Routing Waypoint Kiel 2 (Laboe) to Waypoint Rendsburg 1 (Fockbek)
  • Routing Waypoint Rendsburg 1 (Fockbeck) to Aerodrome Wyk/Föhr
  • Routing Waypoint Rendsburg 1 (Fockbek) to Aerodrome Nordborg